Six members of RCH IAG participated at the Hungarian Molecular Life Science Conference 2021 between 05-07 November 2021 in Eger where the projects of the Institute of Archeogenomics were presented to representatives of the life sciences.

Through the lectures of Dániel Gerber and Bea Szeifert and the posters of Noémi Borbély and Erzsébet Fóthi, researchers and students were able to gain insights into the prehistoric, early medieval and present-day population genetic researchers carried out in our Institute.

 Our lectures:

Bea Szeifert, Balázs Gyuris, Dániel Gerber, Veronika Csáky, Attila Türk, Béla Miklós Szőke, Sándor Évinger, Balázs Egyed, Balázs Gusztáv Mende, Anna Szécsényi-Nagy: Chapters from Carpathian Basin’s Early Medieval genetic history

 SzB HunLifeSci2021


Dániel Gerber, Bea Szeifert, Balázs Egyed, Ágnes Kustár, Szilvia Fábián, Balázs Gusztáv Mende, Eszter Ari, Viktória Kiss, Anna Szécsényi-Nagy: Genetic history and life of Bronze Age communities in Western Hungary

 GD HunLifeSci2021


Our posters:

Noémi Borbély, Dániel Gerber, Bea Szeifert, Horolma Pamjav, Balázs Gusztáv Mende, Balázs Egyed, Anna Szécsényi-Nagy: Towards building the genetic map of the Carpathian Basin

Horolma Pamjav, Ábel Fóthi, Dániel Dudás, Erzsébet Fóthi: Similar or a little different? Two Hungarian-speaking populations in the Hungarian-Slavic contact zone

Abstracts of presentations and posters from our colleagues can be read in this pdf file.