Our institute's colleagues – Noémi Borbély, Dániel Gerber, Balázs Gyuris, Balázs Mende, and Bea Szeifert – contributed to Válasz Online's recently published bookazine entitled "Válasz Offline".

Balázs Mende discussed the genetic past in the interview "Knowledge Gained from Bones," while the young researchers from our institute shared insights about their research, which remains largely unknown to the general public, shedding new light on our prehistoric history in the article "Genetic Traces Lead from the Urals to Hungary."

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At the official launch of the volume, the editors, together with Attila Türk and Balázs Mende, reviewed the contents of the bookazine in a roundtable discussion.

270a8056 1014x675Launch event on May 14th on the Zsófia Event Boat. Photo: Válasz Online